Trailer Tuesdays: Hitman: Agent 47

In the history of cinema, there’s been one genre of film that’s garnered a seriously bad reputation over the years: video game films. This is not without merit: truthfully, a lot of movies based on video games just suck, either because the director doesn’t understand how to adapt the source material from one medium to another, or because the film ends up losing the spirit of the series entirely. Even thinking about it, I can’t come up with any nationally distributed big Hollywood gaming film that was something I’d even call “good”—I have heard some good things about the Silent Hill movies, however, so maybe not all is lost. Despite this track record, 20th Century Fox plans to try once more with the Hitman series; an especially timely move given the announcement of a new Hitman game at this year’s E3. Will this movie break the video game slump? Eeeeeeh, probably not.

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