In Brightest Day: Homesickness

A common theme that pops up in fiction is the idea of homesickness. It’s a feeling that we’ve all probably felt at some point. When I went to college, I spent two weeks hiding in my bed and going to class, nothing more. I did the same thing when I moved from my small town to the big city of Pittsburgh.

When I think about how I dealt with my homesickness, I realize that homesickness can be considered a form of temporary depression. But for the heroes of works of fiction, it seems to be more of a driving force to succeed.

spock (quinto)

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Hobbits Are Real. No, Really.

Yes, I am here to tell you today that Hobbits are indeed real. In fact, scientists have known Hobbits to be real since 2003. Unfortunately, they’re all dead. Probably. They were also Indonesian. No, I’m not joking.

Back in 2003, the partial remains of nine different people in a Liang Bua cave in Flores, Indonesia were discovered. They were then named Homo floresiensis, and they only stood about one meter tall. So if you’re like me and you don’t understand meters compared to feet, just know that they were really short. Like Hobbit short, because they’re Hobbits.

And I’m not just calling them Hobbits for the sake of calling them Hobbits. They’ve actually been nicknamed Hobbits by scientists and who-the-hell-ever.

But, hey, at this point, Indonesia is turning out to be a pretty fantastical place. I mean, they’ve got dragons too, and they’re not extinct yet.

Next we’ll find evidence of Elves. Or maybe an Indonesian mermaid.

Note: mermaids are TOTALLY real—if only.