Theatre Thursdays: Broadway Back on Track!

As you all know, the United States’ East Coast has been very affected by Hurricane Sandy and Broadway has been no exception, cancelling scheduled performances and special events as NYC, like many other cities, was crippled by the dangerous weather. Thankfully, as of Wednesday, Oct. 31st, most Broadway shows have returned to their regularly scheduled performances!

It’s good to see the city getting back on its feet and comforting to know that the lights of Broadway will be shining once more. I don’t mean to belittle or downplay any of the damage caused by Sandy. I’m not here to say “Broadway’s up and running so nothing else matters!” because I know there has been loss of life from this storm and damages to neighborhoods which will mean hardships for those who try to rebuild and those tragedies greatly outweigh the small misfortune of a play being cancelled. The reason I’m celebrating this is because after a tragedy there needs to be hope and that’s what this news says to me.

The performers, technicians, and theater staff employed by these shows are able to return to work; the audience members get to be transported again by the magic of the theatrical arts; and everyone involved gets to enjoy this gift once again. I really believe that the arts can have an uncanny ability to heal and Broadway’s return will hopefully be a promising start to the rebuilding for those affected by this storm.