Fanfiction Fridays: know and be known by raven_aorla

Intern Vithya ascending to heaven via goddess-in-green

Intern Vithya ascending to heaven by goddess-in-green

The being was ten feet tall, radiant, so bright against the sunrise that she couldn’t look directly at it at first. When she did she could see that some of its eyes were solid white and others more humanoid. In two of its hands it held – her old backpack, the one she wore to class at the community college, until she was chosen in the Intern Lottery and took a leave of indefinite absence, the one she lent her girlfriend when her girlfriend’s got covered in ectoplasm and needed dry cleaning just before Poetry Week.


The angel knelt so that it could gently place the backpack in front of her. Its face, or what was the best approximation of its face, tilted down so it could meet Dana’s eye level. In a voice that sounded like the most grief-filled rejoicing, or the most joyful of all grieving, it said to her, I was. I’m sorry.

Welcome to Night Vale is definitely one of my favorite fandoms, especially when it comes to fanfiction. This is because while Night Vale already has a diverse cast of characters, fanfiction writers make things even more diverse and intersectional. The above excerpt is from known and be known by raven_aorla, which focuses on interns Dana and Vithya.

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