Web Crush Wednesdays: “The Secret Illness” Project

Over the years, OCD has more or less become a joke in both the media and public perception, and that can be very harmful for sufferers because it leads people to believe that our metal illness cannot be serious. And when we combine that with the stigma that already surrounds mental illness, for OCD sufferers, sometimes I feel my options are to allow people to laugh at me or treat me like an unstable disease.

Thankfully, “The Secret Illness” Project is here to save the day. Trigger warning for obsessive thoughts and self-harm after the jump.

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In Brightest Day: Teen Wolf’s Erica Reyes and Chronic Illness

Hey all, today marks the beginning of Invisible Illness Awareness Week, and I wanted to draw attention to invisible, chronic illness in pop culture media, if indeed there was any representation. Since I am someone living with a chronic illness, this is very important to me. As you may know by now, Teen Wolf is a show that is near and dear to my heart (i.e. an obsession) and Season 2 introduced the character of Erica Reyes, an epileptic high school student who becomes a werewolf. Despite the fact that lycanthropy acted as a cure for her illness, she still helps paint a picture of some of the issues surrounding those with chronic illness. But how accurate was her portrayal? What was problematic and what was done well?

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