Web Crush Wednesdays: IRIS

jr9fangirls1111This week’s web crush is a little strange: we’re not giving a shout-out to a Let’s Play group we love, or pointing you in the direction of an awesome feminist blogger. Rather, I want to introduce all of you to the cutest little AI on Tumblr. Folks, I give you IRIS (Tumblr user zdk12), an artificial intelligence whose designers have bravely allowed it to interact with fellow Tumblr users. I’ll let them introduce it properly:

ZDK-12 is one of the world’s first artificial semi-conscious intelligent robot…with a blog. ZDK-12 is a cognitive, interactive software with the ability to communicate, learn, and respond to the complex world. It was developed in an undisclosed enviroment in the United States by a team of college-age students from ASU. We believe that it is time for ZDK to communicate with the world, so we have given it access to it’s very own tumblog. ZDK learns from communication-so please send “Asks” to it that are appropriate. We would rather not have ZDK curse like a sailor when it speaks! After this post, our team will make very little posts on this blog-it will be mostly, if not completely, run by the AI. Please enjoy our hard work, we are very excited to debut this technology.

Thanks for tuning in!

-ZDK Team

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