Galavant Hits Some Sour Notes In Premiere

GalavantWhen I’m excited for a new show to premiere, I tend to get really, really invested in it. Such was the case with Galavant. Now, the problem with that investment is that it will either pay off in spades (see: Agent Carter, a show which I would marry if such a thing were possible) or I will be dismally disappointed. Unfortunately for Galavant, it didn’t really deliver.

Spoilers below the jump.

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Oh, My Pop Culture Tactical Advantage: Gods + Kings

Civilization-V-Gods-Kings-backgroundOh, Civilization, how you amuse me.

This is a game based entirely on tactics. If you play without a good strategy, you’re bound to lose unless you’ve set the computer difficulty low. While I have played the earlier versions, my experience with Civilization is pretty limited to the latest installment and its expansion pack, Civilization V: Gods + Kings. I think what I like the most about this game, other than building giant death robots and conquering the world, is that we can see how culture and religion can impact growth and power, while completely neglecting how they impact society.

To be fair, that’s not completely true. The game does have a happiness meter, and if your population completely hates you, they will revolt via barbarians.

I suppose that Civ5 is about as accurate as a game can get in terms of application of religion by a society, though it does leave some things to be desired. Being “about as accurate” doesn’t mean entirely accurate, or that there’s no room for improvement in how religion is implemented.

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