Spiderman: Hero or Menace?

j_jonah_jameson_yelling_spidermanSo, previously, I’ve introduced you to the very strange conversation that I had in Rome, and run off at the mouth about The Flash and the probability of an all good, all powerful being. There’s supposed to be a post in here about angels, but I’ve pushed it back to talk a little more about the deeds of ordinary human beings. Everyone reading this has wondered what kind of superhero they would be or daydreamed about fighting crime, maybe in a mask or, maybe not.

As a child, I idolized Batman. Heck, I still idolize Batman. What I have yet to do is take that last step into becoming a masked vigilante. Lancaster, Pennsylvania isn’t really in need of any, but apparently Seattle is. The Rain City Superhero Movement, a group of masked activists who fight crime in Seattle, Washington have taken it upon themselves to use their talents to make their city a safer place. According to their fearless leader Phoenix Jones, they are all possessed of a sense of justice, combat skill, and an awareness of the risks they assume in unsupervised crimefighting. To quote Phoenix:

“Everyone on my team either has a military background or a mixed martial arts background, and we’re well aware of what it costs to do what we do.”

rain_city_superhero_seattle_movementSo, what do these real life superheroes do? Well, they battle anarchists, stop strong-arm robberies, halt vandals and protect ordinary citizens, though they do occasionally end up in jail or exacerbate the original situation. All this besides running through the streets in the middle of the night, looking like the dude from Kick Ass.

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