Book Review: Prophecy of the Stones

Prophecy of the StonesThe other day in class, my fellow students and I got to talking about some of the recent books that we had read, and one of them posed to me the following challenge: “Name a book that completely misses its own point.” I’m sure that many of us could answer this easily, as there are plenty of terrible novels out there, and my only restrictions set by my fellow students for my response was that the book couldn’t be Twilight, Eragon, Fifty Shades of Grey, or City of Bones. In this situation, my answer would be, without a doubt, Prophecy of the Stones.

I doubt many of you have heard of this book, let alone read it, and you should count yourself fortunate if that’s the case. This book is so bad that, despite being less than four hundred pages with large, double-spaced font, Rin and I have been trying to finish it for the past three years. I’d say that the reason it has taken so much time is because we can only laugh at stupid shit for so long before it pisses us off, but in this case the book’s just boring. It is utterly stagnant, and reading it actually feels like drowning.

That’s not to say that this book has no forgivable traits—it has quite a few, I’m surprised to find myself saying. Prophecy of the Stones actually has one of the more interesting premises that I’ve ever come across. The story itself isn’t bad. It’s the execution that ruins it.

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Manga Mondays: Doujin 101 & Beauty is the Beast

Today we’re going to explore the mystical realm of doujins. It’s a lot to absorb but stick with me! Being an anime fan for a vast majority of my life, I have experienced many things. I’ve seen really awful shock comics like Mai-chan’s Everyday Life. Silently observed ship (relationship) wars over characters so fierce they might have burned a hole in the internet itself. And, of course, I have seen really soul-wrenchingly bad translations and usages of Japanese. Not everyone wishes to take the language and that’s cool but for the love of god, if you don’t know what it means, don’t use it. And, above all else, don’t try to translate things.

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