Web Crush Wednesdays: James Bond Lifestyle

I don’t know how high up James Bond is on your list of favorite things, but let’s be real honest: a large majority of the population loves a good James Bond movie. Or book (because on this blog, we like to read). So in honor of Skyfall, the next film in the Bond series which comes out November 9th, I bring you James Bond Lifestyle. I first learned about this site from my friend, who is a huge Bond fan. I decided to give it a whirl, hoping it would prove interesting.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but part of me wants to be James Bond. Especially for guys, James Bond is a specific kind of ‘man’s man.’ He gets the girls, gets the bad guys (in a different sense than the girls, of course), gets the martinis shaken and not stirred; he’s a suave badass and a cultural icon. It’s no wonder that many people, guys and girls alike, want to be like him.

This site enables you to do just that. Did you guys ever get those catalogs with all of the random LotR and Harry Potter memorabilia? This website makes those guys looks like amateurs. Holy cheese on rye, do they have a lot of Bond stuff. They already have every single jacket Bond wears in Skyfall. You name it, you can probably buy it on this site. Do you want to go stay in the hotels Bond has stayed at? You can through this site. Interested to learn more about the limited edition “Spy Gear” Sony has released to celebrate Casino Royale? You can do that too. Do you want a fake credit card that doubles as a lock pick set? You can get that too!

So if you want to be James Bond, all you need to do is buy everything on this website! Simple enough, right? Well, if you have enough money it is. Again, the website is James Bond Lifestyle and you can go there by clicking here!