Celebrating the “brotp”: Ten Awesome Platonic Friendships

Pretty much everyone who has read fanfiction has an OTP—a One True Pairing that they ship harder than anything else. But what about the couples that are just awesome buds, and who you like together as friends but not romantically? Well the recently coined term ‘brotp’ is there for you. And since Valentine’s Day puts and unnecessary emphasis on being in a romantic relationship, I figured I’d take this post to give a shout-out to some of the awesomest platonic friendships out there.

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Elementary: Consider me schooled.


So a while ago I wrote about Elementary‘s pilot episode. I was pretty critical on a lot of levels, and had a hard time separating my criticism of the first episode from my feelings about the BBC’s Sherlock. I didn’t watch the second episode. But a lot of the peeps on tumblr were really complimentary of it, and I figured it wouldn’t be the worst possible thing to give it another chance. I went back and caught up on all the episodes I’d missed, and…

Guys, I take everything I said back.

Well, maybe I don’t take it back, but I do feel like this is definitely a show that merits a second look. And I wanted to go on record as eating my words. Continue reading

Thoughts on Elementary Episode One

I intended for this review to stand solely on its own and not compare Elementary to Sherlock. I failed entirely. That said, Elementary is a good show so far and I hope it got good ratings and that it will succeed on CBS.

(I will be referring to CBS and BBC Sherlocks as Millerlock and Cumberlock respectively.)

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