Trailer Tuesdays: Jurassic World Evolution

A while back I posted a review for Zoo Tycoon, and sadly, I still haven’t found a version to work on my computer since then. Not being able to build my own dinosaur zoo where the animals eat the guests—or any zoo at all—has dug a nearly unfillable hole in my life. And even though watching the Jurassic Park movies could fill it, the only movie in the franchise that’s not complete shit is the first one, and after watching it a dozen or so times, I need a little more variety in my dinosaur experience. Enter Jurassic World Evolution, a game I’m shoving all my hopes and dreams onto, so it better not suck.

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Jurassic World and the Lost Potential

Jurassic World BannerWell, I’ll give this movie that it has dinosaurs, and dinosaurs almost always guarantee that a movie will be awesome. That is no exception here. Jurassic World was all kinds of fun, but it unfortunately didn’t quite capture the nostalgic feel of the first movie and it was certainly a step back in terms of representation. Jurassic World is the most sexist installment in the franchise and it’s very clear that the writers didn’t know what they were doing with their female characters. It also doesn’t help that its main bad dinosaur is completely nonsensical.

Spoilers ahead.

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Trailer Tuesdays: Jurassic World

It’s finally happening! We are finally getting a fourth installment to Jurassic Park! Taking place and coming out twenty years after the first one—twenty years, I feel old—the park has finally been opened, because as we learned in the previous three movies, putting a bunch of tourists on an island filled with dinosaurs is a great idea. But who cares about that leap in logic? Jurassic World looks awesome.

Jurassic Park is responsible for my childhood obsession with dinosaurs that continues to this day. Out of every franchise I’ve ever been part of, this is the one that makes me happiest and launched any interest I have in science. Because it’s got dinosaurs. And I can only hope that Jurassic World lives up to the hype.

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