The Shortcut

One of my favorite new-ish horror movies is The Shortcut from Happy Madison productions (Although it’s called Scary Madison in the credits. I guess they use that title for horror/thriller movies).

While I likely would have been interested in this movie based on its own merits, the main reason I sought it out was because it starred Drew Seeley.

The reason I know and love Drew is because he was the singing voice for Troy Bolton in High School Musical and played the role in the concert tour.

The movie also stars Shannon Woodward, Katrina Bowden of 30 Rock, and Dave Franco of Scrubs.

One of the main reasons I loved the movie was because it was unexpected. I don’t want to give away any of the secrets because they’re just too enjoyable and if you do see the movie I want you to enjoy the ride. In fact, forget I even said there were surprises because then you’ll just be looking for them and ruin the experience for yourself.

And it really is a good experience to have.

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