A Tale of Two Herculeses

The other week, I had an uncharacteristic amount of free time amid a very busy season. So I went wild and had a full-out Redbox spree: four movies, three different Redbox machines, two days. Included among the four movies I rented were Hercules and The Legend of Hercules. I had thought it curious that there would be two big Hollywood movies about the same subject in the same year, and it was even more curious that the one, Hercules, did so much better at the box office. Since I hadn’t gotten around to seeing either in the movie theater like I had wanted to, I thought it would be fun to rent both and watch them back to back for comparison. I went in with low expectations, particularly for Legend of Hercules, thinking that the movies would be dull or outright bad, but bearable due to the lead actors’ Herculean physiques. In fact, I ended up finding both films genuinely enjoyable and even thought-provoking. Now, maybe my thoughts are just easily provoked, but each film was an intriguing blend of the political and the personal, and there were elements of both stories that stuck with me and kept me thinking long after they were over.


Why do they always use the Romanized “Hercules” instead of his original Greek name “Heracles”?

Major spoilers for both movies after the jump.

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