Orphan Black: “Clutch of Greed” Review

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Orphan Black’s premieres are often shocking in some way, but the following episodes are usually a little less explosive. Not so this season. The final season of Orphan Black looks like it’ll continue ratcheting up the tensions every episode until the ultimate finale, but as this episode shows, the writers may not always pull the right strings with these new twists.

Massive spoilers for “Clutch of Greed” below.

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Orphan Black: “The Stigmata of Progress” Review

orphan black season 4Our latest episode of Orphan Black was quite a stunner. I have a serious fear of going blind, and there’s a greater than average chance I’ll have to have some dental work done soon, and thanks to this episode, now, I… really don’t want to do that. I didn’t realize this season of Orphan Black was going to have to come with a trigger warning for body horror every single episode.

Having said that, uh, spoilers and body horror after the jump.

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Orphan Black: “Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done” Review

orphan black season 2In this penultimate episode we hear from all our main clones! Alison, Sarah, Cosima, and Helena all check in as we hurtle towards what looks to be a devastating finale. So how are they all doing? Find out after the jump.

Trigger warning for loss of bodily autonomy and possible rape below.

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