Teen Wolf: “Strange Frequencies” Review

teen-wolf-main-title-sequenceThis week Teen Wolf was much darker than I expected it to be. Not only did “Strange Frequencies” have murder and dead bodies everywhere, it also had a significant amount of gore—and it even showcased a scene with Parrish hallucinating making out with Lydia’s dead reanimated body. What the hell, Teen Wolf?

Hit the jump to find out my thoughts. Spoilers ahead.

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Teen Wolf: “A Novel Approach” Review

teen-wolf-main-title-sequenceLast week we ended on a hell of a cliffhanger—Donovan had been souped up with weird wendigo powers by the Doctors and was going after Stiles, and meanwhile Parrish was burning dead supernaturals’ bodies on the nemeton with no conscious knowledge of doing so. This week’s episode starts off tense, right where last week left off, and things only get worse for our pack from there.

Spoilers for the punnily titled “A Novel Approach” after the jump!

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Trailer Tuesdays: Teen Wolf Season 5

Oh, Teen Wolf, how I have missed our love-hate relationship. I can’t say that I liked Season 4 all that much—Peter was once again a prominent character, and the benefactor storyline should have been about Meredith instead. Then there’s Eichen House, the poor man’s Arkham Asylum, and Teen Wolf should just throw that place and all its ableist undertones away forever. Hopefully, Season 5 will be better.

Well, judging from that, it looks like Eichen House is sticking around for a while longer, and nothing else on Lady Geek Girl’s wishlist will come true either. So I guess that also means that Danny won’t be coming back, or that the show won’t devote much time to LGBTQ+ representation. God damn it.

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Magical Mondays: Teen Wolf Does Kitsune

About two months ago, I took a closer look at one of the non-werewolf supernatural species, the banshee, in my beloved Teen Wolf. To sum that post up, in the creation of the banshee for Teen Wolf, consistency, continuity, and logic had clearly gone out the window. Did the show do any better introducing later creatures? After the Celtic Druids (who sometimes brought up Norse gods) in Season 3A, Jeff Davis expanded beyond just a Euro-centric mythos and looked a little further east for inspiration in 3B. The viewers met a new brand of being: the kitsune. While the new characters brought girl power and much needed Asian representation to Beacon Hills (and TV in general), did they bring any more consistency and logic than the banshees? Not so much.

Please, no "foxy lady" jokes.

Please, no “foxy lady” jokes.

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Teen Wolf: “I.E.D.” Review

teen-wolf-season-4Another week, another Teen Wolf. This week’s episode has two main focuses: first, all the hoopla surrounding the decoded deadpool, and secondly, a stress-ridden lacrosse scrimmage against none other than the school Liam was expelled from.

(Might I take this time to point out that Danny was both excellent at codebreaking and is on the lacrosse team? Fuck you, Jeff Davis.)

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Teen Wolf: “Muted” Review

teen-wolf-season-4Another Moonday has come and gone, and that means we have a new episode of Teen Wolf to review. Some freaky stuff happened this episode, but I am so relieved that the utter grimdarkness from the end of 3B has been dialed back that I’m not even bothered. We’re mostly back to the wacky adventures of the McCall Pack and I couldn’t be happier.

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Fanfiction Fridays: Speak until the dust settles in the place light refused to go by fifthnorthumberland

In my experience, it is difficult to find a good fanfic with an asexual character. Usually the fic either reads like a “very special episode” on asexuality, or just generally portrays asexuality horribly.

AsexualOne of my major pet peeves with fanfics featuring asexual characters is that the entire fanfic ends up being entirely about the character’s asexuality. There’s no other plot, motive, or storyline; it’s just about “dealing” with asexuality. What I mean by this is that usually the asexual character is in a relationship, and a large majority of the fanfic deals with the sexual partner dealing with and trying to understand their asexual partner. And while a few plots like that are all well and good, when it’s overused it starts to become very similar to TV shows like Glee and many others that make homosexuality a character’s key personality trait and their entire plotline.

Another thing that sometimes bothers me is the lack of fanfic with a female asexual character. To be fair, the lack of female characters is a problem in our media in general and thus is naturally a problem in fanfiction.

So for my Asexy April fanfic I chose a fic with a female asexual character where the story doesn’t focus entirely on her sexuality: Speak until the dust settles in the place light refused to go, an excellent little Teen Wolf fic featuring an asexual Kira!

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Teen Wolf: “The Fox and the Wolf” Review

7165044izdsoxmuAnother Monday, another Teen Wolf episode. In this episode, Stiles throws books off a shelf like an angry cat and Chris Argent is a Jedi, but all this gets pushed aside so that Scott and Kira can listen to a really long story that proves why someone else should be writing this show.

Spoilers below the cut!

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