Falling in Love with Jonesy

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It was really only a matter of time before I picked up Jonesy. It’s got an eye-catching art style, it’s received lots of love, and if that wasn’t enough, artist Caitlin Rose Boyle is a resident of my hometown of Pittsburgh. That said, before getting the first trade, I didn’t actually know what the story was about. It was actually fun, though, to be able to go into a book basically cold and be surprised by what took place. In this case, what took place was an inclusive and diverse magical realist take on a typical high-school slice-of-life story.

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Galavant Hits Some Sour Notes In Premiere

GalavantWhen I’m excited for a new show to premiere, I tend to get really, really invested in it. Such was the case with Galavant. Now, the problem with that investment is that it will either pay off in spades (see: Agent Carter, a show which I would marry if such a thing were possible) or I will be dismally disappointed. Unfortunately for Galavant, it didn’t really deliver.

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