Fanfiction Fridays: stick with me baby by FreshBrains

It’s February, which means it’s time for femslash! In an attempt to read better and more diverse fanfiction, I began my quest by looking for some good femslash. I also looked for it in places where it may not be as common. For example, fandoms like the Xena: Warrior Princess will obviously have more femslash because its source show stars two strong women. So I began my search in popular fandoms that had noticeably less popular f/f ships. This time around I started with Teen Wolf, and this excellent Christmas fic that focuses on Lydia Martin and Laura Hale.

I might be late, but the season doesn’t detract from how good this fic is.

e906812002844e77965497e1bfbf71faOne of the things I love about stick with me baby is that it is very lady-heavy. The only male characters to really put in an appearance are Derek, Peter, and Scott. I think Stiles gets a mention, but he never actually shows up. Instead, the story relies heavily on our female characters, focusing primarily on Lydia and Laura, who are in a serious committed relationship when the story begins. The main conflict focuses on the fact that Laura never told her family about Lydia and that she may have accidentally mated (aka the Teen Wolf equivalent of werewolf marriage) with Lydia.

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