Stop Digging That Grave, Frozen

It should be no surprise by now that our favorite owners of the happiest place on earth are releasing a film this holiday season titled after the perpetual state of my heart. I, of course, am speaking of Frozen. From the very day the concept sketches of the more finalized product were released, however, it was clear that we had a very large problem on our hands. And in the words of a much better film, the problem is “this”—now imagine me gesturing to the entirety of the movie.

When I was younger, The Snow Queen was one of my favorite fairy tales. In fact, I still have the book on a shelf right next to Dove Isabeau and Tam Lin. In the shortest synopsis I can possibly give, the story is about a young boy named Kai whose heart gets infected by goblin mirror shards that make the world seem ugly and then is captured by the powerful Snow Queen. More importantly, it’s about a young girl named Gerda overcoming several trials and saving Kai from his fate. A story like this is prime for the re-imagining, and I have nothing against re-tellings, but Disney has really dropped the ball on this. In more ways than one. One of the most heinous ways they’ve done so is by erasing the strong female presence in Hans Christian Anderson’s original and replacing it with unnecessary characters.

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