Web Crush Wednesdays: What’s Normal Anyway?

what's normal anywayAfter the death of Leelah Alcorn this past month, many people on the internet have been infuriated, and rightfully so, at her treatment at the hands of her parents. Said parents refuse to acknowledge their daughter’s gender and name, and even insist that while they loved their child “unconditionally”, they couldn’t support her transgender identity “religiously”. It’s complete bullshit, and people are calling for Leelah’s parents to be prosecuted and for the conversion therapy groups that she was sent to to be outlawed through the U.S. I strongly suggest you check those links out.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know very much about transgender issues, and transgender visibility is very low in our popular media, though it’s been getting a little bit better in recent years. Many only know what the world transgender means, if that, and so may find it hard to empathize with transgender people and better understand transgender issues. Fortunately, the internet has many resources to help out. Enter today’s web crush: What’s Normal Anyway?

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