Agent Carter: “Snafu” Review

Marvel's Agent CarterFun fact: the word “snafu” is actually a military acronym that stands for “situation normal: all fucked up.” And while the latter part of that acronym was right on in describing this episode, the former doesn’t really apply: the situation has escalated far beyond normal for Peggy and co as this season races towards its conclusion.

Spoilers below the jump! Also, trigger warning for a brief mention of suicide.

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Rin Plays: Leviathan DLC

Earlier this month, Bioware released their first large-scale DLC for Mass Effect 3: Leviathan. All that was known before it came out is that Shepard was dealing with something that had the capability to destroy a reaper and seriously, when your side of the battle can’t even take out one reaper without a whole lot of trouble, finding something that can—no matter how dangerous it is—starts looking mighty good. Yet now that I’ve played through it a couple times I can’t help but feel that it was somewhat lacking, both in its design and its story. [Spoiler Alert]

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