Fanfiction Fridays: Femslash and ‘Hetalia’

Hetalia the Beautiful World

Hnnng, Look at That New Art

Earlier this month one of my favorite series, Hetalia, started a new run as it’s re-vamped self with entirely new art and a new appreciation for some of the characters that had been previously glossed over in its first five seasons (Turkey and Seychelles have already made an appearance!!). It is with this knowledge, and the fact that it’s still Femslash February, that I set off to find an amazing fic starring the overlooked ladies of Hetalia. Unfortunately, it seems that even in the world of fanfiction the ladies of Hetalia are still horrendously overlooked, authors instead favoring genderswapped versions of the male characters. In my opinion that really doesn’t count as femslash, especially when one ignores the females already present in canon. But hey, I’m not one to give up too easily. But after looking through the library of available pairings on AO3 and, I only found about three stories that I would personally consider reading again. (I also developed a strong loathing for people who tag their stories as F/F parings, but only list M/M or Het pairings in their tags. Why you gotta do that shit?)

One of the pairings that I didn’t even think about before this journey but have actually started to ship is Belarus x Liechtenstein. Although it’s essentially an out-of-nowhere pairing (I’m pretty sure they don’t interact in canon), the dynamics between them have the potential to be very compelling: Belarus in her yandere standoffishness and Liechtenstein being super sweet and quiet. I have a soft spot for couples that are different like that. Both of the stories I have for you readers today feature this paring.

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