It’s Asian-American Heritage Month! So how is TV looking?

It’s May again! That means it’s Asian-American Heritage Month, and like last year, I want to take a look at how Asians and Asian-Americans are doing in my favorite medium of TV. Some of the following are from last year’s list because their shows have advanced and they are still on said shows; it’s always good to catch up with old friends!

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The Road So Far: A Little Slice of Kevin Review

This episode, oh my Chuck, people, this episode is brilliant. I have had a really hard time writing this review because this was just one of those episodes that make you really emotional.

But I’ll try to control myself, so let’s press forward to talk about the return of Mrs. Tran, Kevin, and of course, Castiel.

This episode does a lot in a really short amount of time, so let’s move quickly.

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