Theatre Thursdays: A Frozen Musical?

The World Premiere Of Walt Disney Animation Studios' "Frozen" - Red Carpet

Gentle readers, as you know by now, I like to keep you abreast of new happenings in the stage world, whether they involve Zach Braff, Tom Hiddleston, or Tupac. That’s what makes me so nice. I revel in the potential when a favorite actor or film or what have you crosses genres or even mediums to arrive on the stage. This is in part because I believe theatre to be a uniquely intimate medium, so when our favorite stars or stories make it to the stage, it lets us look at them in a different light. Take, for example, the hubbub when it was revealed that Daniel Radcliffe, naked no less, would be starring in a revival of Equus. Just the idea of getting closer to one your faves is rewarding, and that’s just as true for plots as people.

Bob Iger

Bob Iger

Having just seen Disney’s Frozen, I have plenty of feelings about it, but if you’re looking for feels then I will direct you to one of the other several posts about here on this website. I’m content just to let you know that if you’re a Frozen fan, there’s some happy news: Frozen is slated to appear on Broadway! Fresh off of a Golden Globe win, Disney Animation intends to capitalize on its success by bringing it to the stage. The intention, it seems, is to build a great franchise on Disney Animations’s “first bona fide smash hit in almost two decades” as indicated in Fortune’s article and interview with Robert Iger, CEO of Walt Disney.

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