Elementary: Consider me schooled.


So a while ago I wrote about Elementary‘s pilot episode. I was pretty critical on a lot of levels, and had a hard time separating my criticism of the first episode from my feelings about the BBC’s Sherlock. I didn’t watch the second episode. But a lot of the peeps on tumblr were really complimentary of it, and I figured it wouldn’t be the worst possible thing to give it another chance. I went back and caught up on all the episodes I’d missed, and…

Guys, I take everything I said back.

Well, maybe I don’t take it back, but I do feel like this is definitely a show that merits a second look. And I wanted to go on record as eating my words. Continue reading

Thoughts on Elementary Episode One

I intended for this review to stand solely on its own and not compare Elementary to Sherlock. I failed entirely. That said, Elementary is a good show so far and I hope it got good ratings and that it will succeed on CBS.

(I will be referring to CBS and BBC Sherlocks as Millerlock and Cumberlock respectively.)

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