Farewell to the Falls: Gravity Falls and the Beauty of a Completed Story

I was both excited and sad to tune into the hour-long finale episode of Disney’s Gravity Falls. It seems like forever since I reviewed Season 1, and while it was great, Season 2 was on a whole different level. The stakes were higher, the spooky stuff was much more terrifying, and while I sometimes worried about the messages the show sent, I was gratified by the finale in more ways than one. Spoilers after the jump.

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Fanfiction Fridays: Zen and the Art of Infinite Pizza Maintenance by gyzym

Okay, so here’s the thing: it’s not like Dipper means for it to be a dastardly master plan or anything. It’s not like Dipper means to screw over his sister. It’s just that he’s the one there, at dinner with their parents, when the hospital calls, because it’s a Friday night and Mabel’s always out with her friends on Friday nights, and most of Dipper’s friends are not exactly Friday night people. Dipper tends to gravitate toward the Tuesday afternooners of the world, or sometimes the Eating Cheese And Posting Things To Messageboards On Sunday At 6:45 PM While Listening To Conspiracy Podcasts crowd. They’re more his speed. Friday night people have this uncomfortable tendency to stare at him for a long time after he says anything and then, slowly, say, “Dude… what?”

Anyway. Dipper isn’t a Friday night person, so Dipper is there, that Friday night, when the hospital calls to say that Grunkle Stan fell in the shower. And so it’s Dipper who hears it, when his parents start to hiss things about “hospice” and “never agree to it” and “how many nurses” and “how can we afford” and it’s not like he plans for things to go the way they do. It just — happens. Yeah. That’s it. It just… happens.

“Me and Mabel could go to Gravity Falls!” Dipper says. And then, when both of his parents stare at him: “For the summer, I mean. To — take care of Grunkle Stan! Finals are next week and then, I mean, we don’t have anything to do until school starts, right?”

I’mma be real with you: it took me hours to decide on a fanfic to rec for this week’s post. I read story after story that were good but just didn’t do it for me enough that I wanted to spend time writing about them. Then I remembered this fic exists.

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Sexualized Saturdays: How Gravity Falls Dropped the Ball

S2e9_mabel_the_love_godGravity Falls is, in many ways, one of my favorite shows. It’s funny, it’s spooky, it’s weird without losing its kid-friendliness, and it often offers worthwhile commentary on persistently shitty tropes.

I think that’s why I was so disappointed with the episode “The Love God”. I expected so much more from you, Gravity Falls.

Spoilers for the episode follow the jump!

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Sexualized Saturdays: So Pumped about Female Friendships

There’s a slow but exciting change occurring in popular media, these days: lots of creators are finally beginning to show female friendships in their works. That’s not to say that there have never been friendships between ladies in the public eye before the last few years—Wicked comes to mind, among other things—but the message seems to finally have gotten out to the world at large. We want more than one lady in things, and we want those ladies to understand each other, not for them to antagonize each other.

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Gravity Falls Season One

After a really really long and drawn-out run, Gravity Falls has finally concluded its first season, and so I finally feel like I can talk about the show as a unit.

Without further ado, the logo.

Without further ado, the logo.

Guys, Gravity Falls is awesome. It’s the best and arguably the only good show coming out of the Disney Channel these days. It’s funny, it’s smart, and it’s spooky in a campy, goofy way. It also quite handily takes apart problematic concepts like consent, the need for stereotypical masculinity, and the friendzone at a simple, kid-friendly, and witty level. When I first listened to Welcome to Night Vale, I described it to my roommate as a grown-up Gravity Falls, if that gives you some sense of what it’s like. You should really watch it.

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