Did You Geek Out This April Fools’ Day?

Luce: Another April Fools’ Day has come and gone, and I’ve listened to Never Gonna Give You Up approximately way too many times since then. Fortunately, there were some awesome pranks out there aside from endless song repetitions, and I’d love to share my favorites with you.

Obviously I had to mention this one. Google has a history of amazing April Fools’ pranks, but god, couldn’t this one have been true? Maybe I’ve just watched way too much Twitch Plays Pokémon, but I swear my heart did a little pokéjig of its own when I saw this. They even put all the Pokémon in geographically viable locations! Someday augmented reality will actually become a viable part of games, and when that happens, Pokémon has got to be the first game they make—but until then, at least I can become a phone Pokémon Master.

I may have fallen out of love with Supernatural, but Castiel will always and forever be my favorite character, especially since they brutally killed off Kevin Tran. (Still not over it.) That’s why this image from troll master Orlando Jones was simultaneously amazing and heartbreaking. Castiel and Captain Irving teaming up to fight zombies and snark at each other? Sign me up. I mean, a few months back, Supernatural’s Robbie Thompson even wrote a faux crossover script with Almost Human, Sleepy Hollow, and Supernatural, so that’s basically SuperSleepy, right? What is stopping Cas from breaking Irving out of jail for real and then swooping off together to complain about the respective protagonists of their shows? Nothing, that’s what. Nothing except the cold hard slap of reality.

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Hannibal Season One

Horror is certainly not my usual review fare here. I don’t like scary things, or gory things, or creepy things. When NBC’s Hannibal started airing last year, I watched the fandom grow and thought, “no, Saika. We will not start another show about two white guys who are no-homo best buds. Especially not when one of them is a freaking cannibal serial killer, Jesus.”

I held out for a couple weeks at best, staunchly ignoring the beautiful cinematography and brilliant use of social media, and then I heard a rumor that David Tennant might be in an episode as one of the weekly bad guys. That turned out to be a total rumor, but hearing it totally broke my resolve to avoid it, and I found myself drawn in by Bryan Fuller’s re-imagining of the Hannibal universe.

hannibal-posterSlight spoilers below the jump.

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