New Year, New Black Widow

It’s hard to watch a comic book you love come to an end. Unfortunately, the utter nonsense of Marvel’s Secret Wars event at the end of last summer did that to most of the books I followed. Thankfully, most of these books reappeared right after Secret Wars ended with new number ones, but one was still missing: Black Widow. I wondered at the lack, but series do often come and go and I didn’t give it a ton of thought. Apparently I missed both the hype and the window for preorders for the new Black Widow series, which just premiered last week, to my surprise. Whether that surprise was pleasant or not hinged on what I found inside the issue. (Spoiler alert: it was pleasant.)

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The Awesomeness Is Strong In This One: A Princess Leia Review

Before I begin: holy hype, kids. Check out the new trailer for The Force Awakens. Done? Are you also done hyperventilating? Cool. Let’s begin.

cover princess leiaI told myself I was gonna take a break from reviewing comics every single time I wrote a post. I told myself this, and then I went and bought the first two issues of Marvel’s new Princess Leia. Whoops. Mild spoilers after the jump!

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