Lady Saika’s Agent Carter Season 2 Wish List

Marvel's Agent CarterWell, now that I got my real wish (a second season of Agent Carter—and with ten episodes this time!), it’s time for my wishing to get a little more specific. We’ve got eight or so months to sit around fantasizing about what comes next—so that’s just what I’m going to do. Without further fanfare, here’s what I want most out of Agent Carter Season 2.

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Agent Carter: “Time and Tide” Review

marvel-agent-carterHere’s the facts, kids: we were so in love with the premiere of Marvel’s Agent Carter that we decided on the fly to review the whole miniseries. Last night’s episode continued to deliver, and Peggy gets to deal with the numerous consequences of her actions in the pilot.

Spoilers for “Time and Tide” under the jump.

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