Teen Wolf: “Parasomnia” Review

Teen-Wolf-Main-Title-SequenceWelcome back again, everyone, for the second part of our season’s opening. And I think I can safely say that “Parasomnia” was a huge improvement from “Creatures of the Night”. Not only do we meet a new character and get to see Mason some more, this episode managed to be significantly creepy without even a mention of Eichen House. In fact, Arkham 2.0 wasn’t in this episode at all, and that is an improvement in and of itself.

Spoilers up ahead.

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Sexualized Saturdays: Single Queer Characters Are Still Queer!

A few months ago, I wrote a piece about what I termed “Magical Obligatory Queer Dating”: to make a long story short, some characters have greatness thrust upon them, and some have seemingly obligatory relationships with the only other LGBTQ+ character on their show thrust upon them. However, we sometimes see an alternate, almost opposite, scenario—queer characters on TV shows who rarely or never seem to have any romantic relationships. In essence, I believe both situations ultimately end up stemming for the same problem: time constraints. When there are LGBTQ+ characters on TV shows, they are more likely than not to be side characters, rather than main characters. As such, they have limited time to explore their love lives, so writers either end up pushing them into an ultra-convenient same-sex relationship, or just not bothering to have the character date at all. However, I don’t think the latter option has to be as problematic as the former, and can actually be a source of good queer representation.

Teen Wolf Danny Keahu

Single sometimes, in a relationship sometimes, gay all the time.

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Teen Wolf: “Smoke and Mirrors” Review

Teen Wolf ReviewSeason 4 finale! We got a super-sized episode (a whole extra 10 minutes) packed full of action, emotion, and surprisingly few major character deaths. Without further ado, on to the super-sized review, with some super-sized spoilers. Continue reading

Teen Wolf: “I.E.D.” Review

teen-wolf-season-4Another week, another Teen Wolf. This week’s episode has two main focuses: first, all the hoopla surrounding the decoded deadpool, and secondly, a stress-ridden lacrosse scrimmage against none other than the school Liam was expelled from.

(Might I take this time to point out that Danny was both excellent at codebreaking and is on the lacrosse team? Fuck you, Jeff Davis.)

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Teen Wolf: “The Benefactor” Review

teen-wolf-season-4Huzzah, another episode of Teen Wolf’s awesome fourth season! After last week’s episode, I was all jazzed up for this week. This season as a whole has a feel that is a great mix of familiar and fresh, mixing the style and atmosphere of the first season with new characters and dilemmas. Unfortunately, while I wouldn’t call this episode slow-paced or actionless, I don’t think it had quite the energy of the other episodes this season, as pretty much nothing new was introduced—the plotlines were all extensions and elaborations on what had been set up in the previous episode. Without further ado, let’s dive into the latest adventures of this wacky crew.

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