God Gets to Play Matchmaker!

So this post is more related to my spam folder than geekdom, but here the feels come.

I check my spam folder on a regular basis because I’ve had emails from potential employers get lost in there. I get emails from religious dating websites daily from various religions, but what intrigues/irks me is a lot of them are pushing the same idea: God’s “match” for you is on our website so come have a look.

Is that really how it works though? I understand the concept of having a soulmate, but the entire concept that God has created the perfect match for you just sounds a little bit silly. What it really comes down to is whether or not you believe in destiny, and whether you feel you are destined to meet your one true love. If we look at Once Upon a Time, for example, there’s true love all over the place. Between Philip and Aurora, Snow and Charming, and Emma and Henry, we’ve got more true love than we can shake a stick at.

But is God the one responsible? I’d say everyone (except Emma) in Once Upon a Time would say so. Snow and Charming are always telling one another that fate will bring them back together. One could take that to mean that God will always help them be together.

Interestingly enough though, Snow doesn’t sit on her behind eating popcorn while waiting for Charming to show up. She gets out of bed and finds that guy herself. So if you’re waiting for your real life “prince” to come sweep you off your feet, you better get out of bed. God can’t do all the work; most of it is on you.

But is that how it works in real life? I don’t think so. I don’t think anyone has a specific destiny laid out for them; each person decides what to do with their own life and those experiences change his/herself and whatever future decisions s/he chooses to make. A specific destiny is just too hard to pin down. Secondly, I think most people have the potential to be easy to get along with and have many different loves. Maybe I think that because I feel (and have been told) I’m easy to get along with.

In short, I don’t think God has one specific person picked out for me. What do you guys think?