Web Crush Wednesdays: Yu+Me Dream

The start of a new year brings forth the changes that we want to make in ourselves and the world around us. These resolutions are what propel us forward, even if they end up being just a little out of our reach. What I have for you today isn’t a nerdy way to lose weight or a petition to bring about a well-needed shift in media; however, if your resolution had to do with reading something new, have I got a webcomic for you.

webcrush picOn the surface, Megan Rose Gedris’s Yu+Me Dream doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary. Main character Fiona lives her day-to-day normal, boring life going to Catholic school and being teased because she’s an outcast. Although content with her life—save for the bullying—Fiona can’t help but feel there’s something missing, and when new girl Lia transfers in, Fiona realized that it might just be this new face she was looking for this entire time.

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