Web Crush Wednesdays: Mike Maihack

It’s time for our Web Crush to take the stage! This week’s Web Crush is Mike Maihack!! Hmmm… how to describe him… I know! Let him do the talking!

Mike Maihack is a graduate from the Columbus College of Art and Design and spends his time drawing pictures of cats, superheroes, space girls or just about anything else he can think of that might involve a giant pink heart or serving tea. He is the editor and art director of the Christian comic anthology, Parable, creator of the all-ages webcomic, Cow & Buffalo, member of many art and webcomic collectives such as Lunchbox Funnies, Spacedock 7 and Bristolwhip and contributor to anthologies like Jim Henson’s The Storyteller and the Eisner and Harvey award winning Comic Book Tattoo. Currently though, Mike is hard at work bringing his sci-fi epic, Cleopatra in Spaaace!!, to life and watching lots of movies with his wife and two Siamese cats down in far too hot and humid Tampa, FL. (via Cow Shell Graphics)

Though Mike Maihack has many different comics my absolute favorites are his Batgirl and Supergirl comics! That reveal the fun, sassy and kick ass nature of our favorite heroines.


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