Magical Mondays: The Value of Magic in Miraculous Ladybug

Recently I’ve been getting into the new magical girl series The Miraculous Ladybug, and though I’m only part way through the released episodes, I have to say it’s pretty enjoyable. The show focuses on the young Marinette, a normal high school girl who, through the power of a magical tool called a “miraculous” (and the aid of the small imp that comes along with it), can transform into a ladybug-themed crime fighter. She’s joined by her partner Chat Noir (aka Marinette’s crush Adrien, unbeknownst to her), who has a cat-themed miraculous of his own. Together they battle against the evil Hawk Moth indirectly, purifying his evil butterflies that possess people through their negative feelings. It’s standard magical girl series fare for the most part, but what I find most interesting about Ladybug is how downplayed the magic is compared to other series in the genre.

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