Hannibal: “Yakimono” Review

hannibal-season-2-release-dateLast week’s episode ended with the shocking revelation that Miriam Lass is actually not dead, and she’s been held for two years in an old well in an abandoned building. This—this ought to be good news, right? She’s seen Hannibal’s face! She can tell Jack that Hannibal is the Ripper! Right?

…right, guys?

Watch out for our usual Hannibal trigger warnings, now including extreme psychological manipulation and Stockholm syndrome, after the cut.

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Hannibal: “Futamono” Review


This week, Will Graham traded his straightjacket for a pair of sassy pants, Hannibal threw a dinner party, Jack and Dr. Chilton became a little more friendly, and Alana and Hannibal became a lot more friendly… spoilers after the jump. Trigger warnings for: people-killing, people-cooking, people-eating, gaslighting, psychological manipulation, people sewn into trees, and unfortunately, an incidence of self-cannibalism.

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