Orphan Black: “Clutch of Greed” Review

(via denofgeek)

Orphan Black’s premieres are often shocking in some way, but the following episodes are usually a little less explosive. Not so this season. The final season of Orphan Black looks like it’ll continue ratcheting up the tensions every episode until the ultimate finale, but as this episode shows, the writers may not always pull the right strings with these new twists.

Massive spoilers for “Clutch of Greed” below.

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Epic Win, or Epic Fail? an Epic Movie Review

Epic is a movie that I was a little apprehensive about watching. Judging from the trailers, it looked just like a retelling of FernGully: The Last Rainforest. Sure, FernGully is an amazing movie that everyone should watch, but I was worried that Epic would just be a cheap knockoff. At the same time, however, Epic is also based on a book by William Joyce, and I adore Rise of the Guardians and the book series that was based off. So I decided to give the movie the benefit of the doubt and watch it.

Epic movie poster artI loved Epic. I watched it while it was in theaters, I ran out to buy it the day it became available, and I’ve rewatched it more than a couple times since then. That means I think the movie’s good, right? Well… it’s okay, I guess. Epic has awesome characters who are easy to get invested in and some great animation. So of course I loved it, but the movie is unfortunately bogged down with numerous clichés and tropes. At its core, it’s a generic “good vs. evil” story that doesn’t do anything new. Epic’s entertaining, but as much as I love this movie and have a soft spot for it in my heart, there are certainly better things out there.

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