Stranger Things: A Better Story than I Had Expected

Sometime last week, I sat down to binge watch the first season of Stranger Things. I’d kept hearing conflicting reports about the show—some people thought it was very well done and feminist, and others, not so much—so I decided to give it a try myself.

Stranger Things promo picStranger Things is a science-fiction horror show that takes place in the 80s and features a monster that looks like it came out of a movie from the 80s. Like all stories, Stranger Things is by no means perfect, and some of the problems I had with it are hard to ignore, but on the whole, I loved this show.

Spoilers up ahead.

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Agent Carter: “Life of the Party” and “Monsters” Review


We got a double dose of our favorite secret agent this week, although the episodes were each a little Peggy-lite. First in body, as Peggy was still recovering from her grievous injury, and then in mind, as she made a series of uncharacteristically stupid decisions.

Spoilers after the cut!

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Flirting With Danger in Undertale

Even though I’m not an avid gamer, my brother always keeps me up-to-date with any indie games he finds interesting. The newest game he’s told me about is called Undertale. Unfortunately it’s still in development at the moment, but you can play the demo to get an idea of what the game will be like. There are numerous reasons I’m excited for this game, one of them being the lack of detail to the main protagonist. There’s a unique gameplay that allows you to fight or befriend characters, and the style of the game is very reminiscent of other games like Earthbound. Everything about this game is precious; I’ve even re-watched the trailer video to death at this point:

Spoilers ahead! Seriously though, check out the demo, it’s free!

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Godzilla, Massive Destruction, and White People—Obviously We Can’t Forget the White People

Godzilla 2014Right now, I think my favorite thing about this movie is that it ended up being only about two hours long. And thank God for that. The characters are bland, unmemorable, and mostly white cardboard cutouts, and the plot isn’t any more engaging than “monster vs. monster”. Of course, I may not have found the story particularly engaging since I couldn’t hear half of it.

My theater actually forgot to turn the sound up to a volume loud enough for the audience to understand what any of the characters were saying. When the mistake was finally rectified, the movie was about halfway done, and Godzilla had just appeared. That said, I cannot say that I’m particularly upset by my inability to hear the characters. The first half of the movie appeared to be nothing more than a setup of poorly written characterization and annoying tropes that I have seen in every other movie I’ve ever watched.

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