Fanfiction Fridays: How Sweet the Sound by MoreThanSlightly

Abbie absolutely does not spend the next few hours wondering if Ichabod was drunkenly flirting with her, because she’s not a damn teenager any more, and he’s married, and the whole thing is a waste of time. She doesn’t think about it the next time she sees him, either, because they’re trying to save the world. And after awhile, the weeks pass, and they put down more demons and watch more TV together, but nothing else happens, so she stops freaking out. Friends. They’re friends.

And friends can go to the movies together, especially if one of those friends has never seen a real movie before, with a huge screen and surround sound. Abbie wants to show him something different, so she takes him to a sci-fi flick. On the drive to the theater, she explains the concept of space travel, and how a man really has walked on the moon and NASA has sent a spacecraft past the edge of the galaxy, but none of it works like in the movies. “So we have this thing called science fiction—,”

“Cyrano de Bergerac, Voyage dans la lune, 1657,” he says crisply. Abbie parks, and Ichabod shuts the car door as if to make his point. “We may not have understood space travel in my time, but we were still possessed of imagination.”

—from How Sweet the Sound by MoreThanSlightly

Being a fan of both Sleepy Hollow and the Ichabbie ship is a difficult situation to be in. On one hand, Ichabod is canonically married and his wife is still around, and fandom has mostly evolved to a point where we’re uncomfortable writing off a female character to support our OTP. On the other hand, because Katrina Crane spent most of Season 1 trapped in Purgatory being little more than a spooky omen, many fans found Ichabod and Abbie’s interactions much more compelling and fanfic-worthy.

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