Thor and Loki: Blood Brothers

Thor--Loki-Blood-Brothers-Episode-4Back in 2004, Robert Rodi and Esad Ribic wrote the comic Loki, a four-part mini-series told entirely from Loki’s point of view. I briefly mentioned this comic a while back here. Loki delves a lot more into Loki’s psyche than other Thor comics, and it manages to make Loki a lot more sympathetic and show him as something other than pure evil. Through Loki, we begin to see the horrible things the oh-so-honorable citizens of Asgard have done to him, which drives Loki into evilness. The comic doesn’t so much as agree with Loki as it simply shows the struggle between him and Thor in a new light, and it also shows that Asgard and all its heroes are not as moral and honorable as they claim to be.

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