Mo’ Faeries, Mo’ Problems: A Song of the Sea Review

Readers of this blog may recall back in January when I reviewed The Secret of Kells, lamenting that I couldn’t find a decent upload of its successor, Song of the Sea, or anywhere I could go to see it legitimately. Funnily enough, wait four months and more options suddenly open up. Which is to say that I have finally seen Song of the Sea. Now, considering the difference in topics I don’t think it would be quite fair to compare them on that level—and really, I don’t want to compare the two in this review—but seeing as they’re both works by Cartoon Saloon a bit of comparison is going to be inevitable. In that vein, I’ll get this out of the way now: I enjoyed Song of the Sea. Did I enjoy it as much as The Secret of Kells? No. For quite a few reasons.

Song of the Sea SealsSpoilers for the entire film under the cut.

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Sexualized Saturdays: Captain America & Male Virginity

Sexism affects people of all genders, but it affects us all differently. Women, whether virgins or sexually active, tend to be demonized and ridiculed. But for men, virginity is the ultimate crime. Whether the guy just hasn’t had the opportunity for sex or has chosen to wait, it doesn’t matter. According to our society, men who have not had sex, particularly with a woman, are somehow lacking. So when a prominent male figure is revealed or even implied to be a virgin (for whatever reason), there tends to be something of an uproar. In our media, there is almost never a virgin male character, and when there is, they are either portrayed as having something wrong with them or almost their entire plotline is dedicated to them losing their virginity. For our pop culture to have a character who doesn’t follow these rules is rare and frankly revolutionary. That’s why I am so happy that Steve Rogers, Captain America himself, is a virgin.

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Trailer Tuesdays: The Prophet

So far, this year seems to be when animated films are going hard. Whether it be the newest adaptation of The Little Prince or the beautifully rendered story of Bilal, it seems that at least in this genre of film, the minds behind the screen are seeking out more diversity than ever. I’m happy to share with you all today another story that keeps up this trend with gorgeous eye-catching images and a story that will spark the curiosity of the young, while remaining poignant to the old.

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The New Deadpool Movie Might Be More Inclusive Than You Think

Deadpool is going to be in a movie and it sounds like it’s actually going to be good! No, seriously; this is not an April Fool’s joke.

pic via The Mary Sue

pic via The Mary Sue

I am a huge fan of Deadpool. I love the way he breaks the fourth wall, I love that he is a character that pokes fun at comic books while still being a part of the Marvel Universe (basically he’s not just a straight up parody), and I love that Deadpool is actually a really complex character. Deadpool is pansexual, which means if his character is portrayed correctly we will have a pansexual character as the lead in a movie. Furthermore, Deadpool is a disabled character with a severe physical disfigurement and major PTSD. Yeah, though many of Deadpool’s comics are wacky and hilarious, he has a lot more depth than many people give him credit for. So let’s talk about this and how, if done well, Deadpool could make for a really fantastic movie, not just by comic book movie standards but by intersectional feminist standards.

Trigger warning for mentions of sexual abuse after the cut.

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Throwback Thursdays: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home aka “The One with the Whales”

I’m still grieving Leonard Nimoy and watching all things Trek, so it seemed only logical to review my favorite Star Trek film—one that Nimoy directed—for today’s Throwback Thursday.

The Voyage Home castLet’s make no mistake, guys; this is the best Star Trek movie ever made. Now before everyone starts yelling “What about Wrath of Khan?!” let me say this: I know Wrath of Khan is genuinely regarded as the best Star Trek movie, and I grant that it is absolutely excellent. But of all the Trek movies, the 1986 movie The Voyage Home, more affectionately called “the one with the whales”, best captures the spirit of the Star Trek original series (TOS). The humor and action portrayed in this movie gives a chance for all of our favorite characters to really shine, and introduces one of my favorite female characters.

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Throwback Thursdays: 1996’s The Phantom

Friends, readers, everyone: did you know that right now, at this very moment, you can go on Ebay and—for the astoundingly low price of three American dollars—purchase yourself an original VHS copy of The Phantom, starring Billy Zane, with a holographic 3D punching action cover? Trust me, it’s worth every penny, for what you will get in return are 100 delectable minutes of Billy Zane’s toned physique, Kristy Swanson and Catherine Zeta-Jones teaming up to kick ass, and some delightfully cheesy (if culturally insensitive) superhero clichés like shark pools, sky pirates, and an ancient gang of evil Chinese dudes.

Bask in its glory

Bask in its glory

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Magical Mondays: Omniscience and Aladdin’s Genie

Today I am going to take a fun look at a goofy character in a kids’ movie, because my brain has been stuck on possibilities involving the Genie from Disney’s Aladdin. Mainly, the fact that the Genie references and even creates things from the future, whether it is actual physical items or transformations into pop culture references. Now I know that, really, there is no explanation for this other than that Disney thought it would be funny to have Robin Williams doing impressions, because it is. But today I have decided, against all reason, to look at how the Genie could know all of these things despite the fact that most of his references are from the future.

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