Teen Wolf: “Strange Frequencies” Review

teen-wolf-main-title-sequenceThis week Teen Wolf was much darker than I expected it to be. Not only did “Strange Frequencies” have murder and dead bodies everywhere, it also had a significant amount of gore—and it even showcased a scene with Parrish hallucinating making out with Lydia’s dead reanimated body. What the hell, Teen Wolf?

Hit the jump to find out my thoughts. Spoilers ahead.

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Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: The Morality of Murder in Superman

052213_manofsteelzodtrailerfeat-600x450If you have seen the recent Man of Steel movie, some of you may be crying foul because of the ending.

Superman has always been a Christ figure and has always been a symbol of all that is morally good and right in the world. Superman is your basic good guy. Yeah, he struggles with it—there are some days he’d like to kill Lex Luthor (or at least beat him unconscious like Batman does with his villains), but he usually doesn’t. If Superman could, he would solve all his problems nonviolently, but it’s not always an option. Still, he tries to harm someone as little as possible and he certainly never kills anyone.

Big Man of Steel spoilers after the jump!

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Manga Mondays: Dangan Ronpa

Somehow, someway I’ve allowed myself to become addicted to another series, a series that I’ve been trying to avoid for so long. I can’t escape from the Dang ‘Ol Ropes. Can’t block out the Dangit Grandpas. Can’t resist that Darling Roomba. With as many ways to say it as Benedict Cumberbatch’s name, Dangan Ronpa has taken the internet by its throat and has refused to let go until we’re all in a state of delicious despair.

Dangan Ronpa CastThe quirky series takes place at the esteemed Hope’s Peak Academy, famous for its students being the hope of the nation and continuing on to something amazing after their graduation. To be invited to the academy means that you’re truly amazing at something, a personification of a certain feat. This extraordinary skill level is helpfully called one’s “Super High School Level”. However, protagonist Makoto Naegi doesn’t feel very special. His super high school level is “Super High School Level Good Luck”, which means he was chosen at random from every student in Japan to attend. After gathering the courage to walk inside the academy, Naegi is suddenly faced with a blackout. When he comes to, he finds he’s in the building without recollection of how he got to the desk he was sleeping on. Investigating the halls, he comes face to face with the other fourteen students of Hope’s Peak Academy who also have no recollection of how they got inside the building. Not the best way to start the first day of school.

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Fanfiction Fridays: Inside the Wallpaper by Queen of the Red Skittle

640px-Jack_and_jamie_hugInside the Wallpaper is probably my favorite fanfiction for Rise of the Guardians. Written by Queen of the Red Skittle—a very talented author—Inside the Wallpaper follows Jack, who’s coming to terms with the recent murder of Jamie Bennett. Due to the trauma of losing his first true believer and friend, and even feeling guilty about it, Jack becomes very cold and vengeful, forgets who he truly is—the Guardian of fun—and loses his powers. It’s not until he comes to terms with the emptiness inside him and finally lets his guard down and grieves for his friend that Jack regains his abilities.

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The Walking Dead: “This Sorrowful Life” Review

twd-merleSpoilers! And potentially triggering content!

This week’s episode was just as exciting as last week’s, and it brought us a lot of great character moments. As a whole, this season is shaping up very nicely, despite a few iffy things here and there, like killing off every black character thus far besides Tyreese and Sasha. And though I was disappointed that Andrea didn’t feature in this episode at all, considering what happened last week, “This Sorrowful Life” managed to be thrilling just the same.

When first watching this episode, I honestly thought it was going to be about Rick moping around because he planned on handing Michonne over to the Governor, which makes little sense now that I think about it. In “Arrow on the Doorpost” I thought Rick could tell that the Governor was BSing him about the deal. I mean, the Governor allowed Merle to almost kill Glenn, he sexually assaulted Maggie, lied about everything involving the Atlanta survivors to Andrea, and attacked the prison with walkers. Clearly, he’s a man of his word.

But all that aside, I could certainly see why the temptation to hand Michonne over to the Governor was there. And looking back on the whole Randall incident of last season, I sincerely worried that Rick would go through with the plan. I was pleasantly surprised when he didn’t.

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