Web Crush Wednesdays: Meekakitty

Hello all, it’s time for another Web Crush dedicated to a lovely YouTuber. This week it’s Meekakitty, AKA Tessa.

jr9fangirls1111I first came across Tessa when this video showed up in my recommendations on YouTube and I instantly liked her:

Yeah, hello, anyone who recreates the Sera Myu choreography (flawlessly, by the way) and performs every soldier’s part by herself is going to be pretty cool in my book. I kept coming back to this video for the dancing (again, flawless) and decided to check out what else she’d done since I could see she had a lot of videos uploaded and seemed like a fun and personable user.

As I started getting into Tessa’s videos, I saw a lot of interesting content. Many of the videos were intelligent, creative, funny, or (most often) a combination of the three.

She does a lot of music videos too, which are always fun to watch and are really well-made and fantastically edited:

With all this talent to be enjoyed, I very quickly subscribed to Tessa’s channel. I was a little bit overwhelmed by how many videos she’d made though and the close relationship she seemed to have with her followers. I was so intimidated, in fact, that I was hesitant to write about her as a Web Crush. She’s been uploading videos for years and I’ve only recently become a fan so I’m not really an authority on her or anything. The earliest video on her page is dated 2008, but according to the comments, it’s not actually her first video so I don’t even know how long she’s been YouTubing. I realized, though, that I don’t have to be an authority on something or someone in order to say that I like them and want to share it, so here I am, doing just that.

Currently, I believe Tessa and her creative partner Shawna (who appears frequently in her videos) are working on a film. I don’t know much about it, but I’m excited for it, because they are two very creative and talented young women. Even though I’m late to the Meekakitty party, I’m having a lovely time and I invite you to join as well, if you haven’t already.