Sexualized Saturdays: Choosing Monsters Over Women


Recently I began watching all the movies from the Nightmare on Elm Street series with one of our former authors, Fiyero, who has written a whole series of fantastic posts on these movies. While watching the final movie of the series, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, I noticed that director Wes Craven seemed to be pointing out one issue with the series: fan obsession with the villain Freddy Krueger over female protagonists who have fought Freddy, especially Nancy, who is arguably the heroine of the whole series. This favoritism of a monstrous child killer over a strong, well-rounded female protagonist says a lot about both our antipathy toward women and our glorification of violence toward women.

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The Women of Elm Street: Alice Johnson

We’re really getting into it now. Today I am happy to celebrate one of the most powerful characters in the Elm Street movies: Alice Johnson.

Nightmare on Elm Street 4- Alice Johnson 2Alice makes her debut in the fourth installment in the series The Dream Master and returns in the follow-up The Dream Child. As I mentioned last time, Alice inherits Kristen Parker’s special ability to pull people into her dreams upon Kristen’s death. From this point on, the movie centers on Alice and her struggles with Freddy. This was an unexpected turn, at least for me, as I would have thought the movie would focus on Kristen and she would end up being the “Dream Master”; never did I think the title would refer to this new character. Continue reading