Magical Mondays: Teen Wolf Does Kitsune

About two months ago, I took a closer look at one of the non-werewolf supernatural species, the banshee, in my beloved Teen Wolf. To sum that post up, in the creation of the banshee for Teen Wolf, consistency, continuity, and logic had clearly gone out the window. Did the show do any better introducing later creatures? After the Celtic Druids (who sometimes brought up Norse gods) in Season 3A, Jeff Davis expanded beyond just a Euro-centric mythos and looked a little further east for inspiration in 3B. The viewers met a new brand of being: the kitsune. While the new characters brought girl power and much needed Asian representation to Beacon Hills (and TV in general), did they bring any more consistency and logic than the banshees? Not so much.

Please, no "foxy lady" jokes.

Please, no “foxy lady” jokes.

Big ol’ spoilers for Seasons 3B and 4 of Teen Wolf. Continue reading