Throwback Thursdays: Pete’s Dragon

Once again, this is not the Throwback I planned to write. Unfortunately, being sick for the past two weeks and being a compulsive procrastinator put a damper on playing all the way through StarCraft: Brood War, which is what I originally planned to talk about. Instead of participating in something so interactive, I decided to park my ass on the couch and watch movies. Seeing as it’s been near twenty years since I first watched Pete’s Dragon, I decided it was time for a re-watch, especially since the movie is getting remade.

petes-dragon-pete-elliott-applesPete’s Dragon is by no means the best movie from my childhood, and watching it again in my mid-twenties really puts that into perspective. Some parts of the movie don’t make much sense at all, the editing and scene changes are fairly choppy, and the characters have a habit of doing and saying things that the plot demands, regardless of how they acted in previous scenes. Despite all that, the story is still something I hold dear and immensely enjoyed.

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Final Fantasy XIII’s Hope

Hope Final Fantasy XIIIThis past semester I’ve been super busy—I’m a full-time student with two jobs and an internship—and since I don’t have time for much of anything anymore, I decided it was a good idea to start procrastinating what I need to get done by replaying Final Fantasy XIII. I never really went into a full review for the game, though I did talk about its sequel a while back. To recap what I’ve already said, FFXIII doesn’t have the best storytelling. The plot itself is fine and rather compelling, but it wasn’t told in the best way. Additionally, the game is very linear until Chapter 11—you are quite literally on a single path that you cannot deviate from for the first ten hours or so of gameplay, and you are also incapable of returning to earlier parts of that path once you’ve moved on—which a lot of people didn’t like, including me.

However, one thing that I really think this game excelled at, and which helps me forgive a lot of its shortcomings, is the character development. There are still problems in this regard—I like Lightning, but she’s still just a carbon-copy of Cloud from FFVII—but for the most part, I really enjoyed the characterization here. One character that I was particularly pleased with is Hope.

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