Throwback Thursdays: The Phantom Tollbooth

PhantomtollboothToday’s throwback comes from way way back—1961, to be exact. The Phantom Tollbooth is an acclaimed children’s book by Norton Juster, and I only vaguely remember reading it when I was a kid. But I do remember that I liked it. I think it’s possible I was in kindergarten? I know that my teacher at the time had a bunch of books in a box in the classroom, and I picked things to read based on how cool the cover was. On The Phantom Tollbooth‘s cover there’s generally a boy and a large dog, and though I’m a cat person till I die, the dog made the greatest impression on tiny me. For a while there all I really wanted a giant watchdog named Tock who would talk to me. The rest of the story seemed to be just a fantastical adventure, and it wasn’t until rereading it recently that I realized there was more to it than “boy goes on adventure”.

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