Manga Mondays: The One Piece Journey Continues

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Part 2

Well, after my last One Piece post, I kinda/sorta said I wouldn’t read it again. However, during a bout with a cold and nothing better to do, I picked it back up again. And it finally made me realize what’s wrong with this series.

Say what you want about the complicated and elongated plots of Naruto and Bleach, but they always seem like they are heading somewhere for a reason (well, maybe excluding the random-as-hell fight between Unohana and Kenpachi in Bleach). In One Piece, they’re just wandering and doing whatever. There is no concrete, overarching plot direction. Yeah they’re supposedly looking for the One Piece, but in the 250+ chapters I’ve been reading it now, they’ve only mentioned it a handful of times. In addition, everything in One Piece is too drawn out. Not to continue to compare One Piece to Bleach and Naruto, but the other two series keep having things happen. One Piece devoted an entire chapter to drinking pumpkin juice for (seemingly) no other reason than pumpkin juice is delicious. It’s just so slow.

Anyway, I’m in the middle of the sky island bit with God and and those priest people and fighting and things. That’s all I know, which I guess is part three of the problem. The things they should explain, they don’t, and instead devote serious page time to pumpkin juice. I have no idea who half of the sky people are at this point.

Part of me really wants to love Nico Robin, but the other part doesn’t know enough about her to like her. She’s there, and I love that she’s the nerd of the group, but she’s distant. There are ways to be a “distant” character and still be lovable (Raven from Teen Titans is the only example coming into my head right now, but I’m sure there are others). Robin doesn’t seem all that likable, which makes me sad because I usually like characters like her.

Now I don’t want to end every One Piece post with a cliff hanger of “Will I keep reading?!” because I think I will continue to keep it up for now. But the series better start showing why everybody loves it so much soon, or else I might stop.

One Piece: The Incredible Journey #2

001-Romance_DawnIf you guys remember, I started reading One Piece (shared feels here) and I left off on Chapter 96 (Arlong just died). Let’s continue with my poorly worded feels with very little context.

So that thing with the giants stunk. I literally stopped reading for two weeks because it was total garbage. “I can turn you into a candle! Muwahahah!” Umm… kudos for trying to be creative, but that was terrible.

Sanji is by far my favorite. He is also the one who gets the least amount of space, which makes me really sad. While he is as crazy as the rest of them, he seems to be the most realistic. I suppose that’s why I like him most.

I have a love-hate relationship with Chopper. I really want to like him all the time, but I really only like him when he is fighting. The other times he comes across as a whiny little kid/reindeer; it gets irksome.

And just to be clear, Ace was just awesome. There are no other words.

I’ll be honest, I don’t remember the number of the last chapter I read. All I know is that ViVi is back in her kingdom (Alabasta) fighting some dudes in the city. And I stopped reading abruptly because I frickin’ hate her. She’s your stereotypical trying-not-to-be-useless princess that is still terrible. I know that sounds mean, but she pushed all of my buttons.

I also think the entire Organization of Baroque Works is extremely stereotypical. It drives me crazy because the series can be so creative about the little things, but for the big things it stays within the mold. I’d prefer if the big picture was creative and the little details more normal.

I’m at a point where I’m not sure if I’ll keep reading. It’s reverse Naruto syndrome: with Naruto, when you read it in one fell swoop it’s more interesting. With One Piece, I think it gets boring. So we’ll see where the journey takes me next!

One Piece: The Incredible Journey #1

I know we had a review of One Piece by Tsunderin the other week, but when you are dealing with a series that is approximately one bajillion chapters, I feel that we can dedicate a little more time.

This is the first of a series of posts that will show my reactions to everything that is One Piece. I just started reading it and hope that some of my feelings will refresh your memories of the series or maybe make you excited to read it.

So why did I decide to read One Piece now? Well, in the past my only experience with One Piece came from the 4Kids dub. That was a scary show. In addition, Luffy scared me. The drawing style made him look extremely creepy and I was not a fan. Besides, I had Bleach, Naruto, and so many other series to read that not reading didn’t make me particularly sad. But after months and years of hearing rumors that it was awesome, I decided to start reading.

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Manga Mondays: What Do You Do With a Rubber Sailor?

Usually with Manga Mondays I like to keep a couple tentative weeks ahead in different manga series so I’m not flailing around trying to figure out what I’m going to write about. For the past month, I haven’t been able to do this. Somehow I’ve managed to become absorbed into not only a series entirely, but also a completely different fandom.

In my defense, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. But I should have known better, read the signs. There is no way that a manga becomes a national icon without any reason.

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