Sleepy Hollow: “Blood and Fear” Review

sleepy-hollow-season-3What do Ichabod Crane and Jack the Ripper have in common? Aside from answering that question—one I didn’t think I’d ever have to ask—this episode laid a lot of groundwork for what’s hopefully on the way in the upcoming episodes.

Spoilers after the jump!

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Sleepy Hollow: “I, Witness” Review

Sleepy Hollow Season 3Welcome back, everyone, to our weekly Sleepy Hollow reviews. Yes, Season 3 premiered last night, and if our premiere episode is anything to go by, this year will be so much better than last year. Season 2 was definitely not the show’s strongest point, but “I, Witness” almost made me forget all the badness that happened. This episode calls back to the good old days when Sleepy Hollow was significantly more fun to watch. We got our creepy monster-of-the-week terrorizing the community, Ichabod discovers that restaurants designed after colonial times are nothing like colonial times, and Abbie’s got her dream job at the FBI. Making this episode even better was Jenny popping up and she and Ichabod having cheesy moments together where they bond over being social outcasts.

As I said, this episode was awesome, so look out for spoilers up ahead.

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Fanfiction Fridays: Becoming Pandora

[Spoilers for Borderlands 2 Below]

When playing a game, there’s nothing more satisfying to me then when I can start to sympathize with the main antagonist. And there’s no character in the past couple of years that I can think of that has encapsulated this as perfectly as Borderlands’ Handsome Jack. When I began my new journey on Pandora, I hated him. I hated him so much, him and his stupid crystal pony and stupid surveyors. (GAH! Could there even be a more annoying enemy?!) I loved to hate him. Then I made it to the BNK3R and it all went to shit. And after going to the Arid Nexus it went even more to shit and I actually began to like him.

The shift from over-the-top despicable to 3-dimensional character who is still awful, but has motives that one can empathize with was amazing. One aspect that really helped propel Jack’s character was his relationship with his daughter, Angel. Fraught with power struggles on both sides and a general feeling of helplessness, it was something that so strongly motivated the now Hyperion CEO, but in ways that weren’t, and still aren’t fully known to the audience.There just wasn’t enough on their past together for me to be satiated. More. I wanted more. Luckily, Cybertronic Purgatory has taken up the slack with their fic, Becoming Pandora.

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Aliens Did It!

304So if I had to pick one show that was my all-time favorite TV show it would probably be… well, it wouldn’t be Ancient Aliens, I can tell you that much. Once again, I find myself unsure of where to begin. Or even wondering how I’m going to convince Lady Geek Girl that Ancient Aliens fits in with what we normally talk about on this blog. But, hey, I figured that since the show is about aliens with the added bonus of the bastardization of every religion—or any notable thing in history—ever, how does it not fall into our spectrum?

But I’m not about to launch into a post on Ancient Aliens. I think anyone who’s ever seen that show can come up with their own conclusion within minutes. Either, you believe everything they say, or you watch it to see them completely fuck up whatever historical facts they managed to get right. Which is not many to begin with.

But there is something to be said about aliens in ancient times affecting pop-culture at large. We as a society are obsessed with aliens. And the idea that they did visit us in ancient times even launched one of my favorite TV series: Stargate SG-1.

So today, you guessed it; we’re going to talk about aliens in pop-culture. Or more accurately, how they’re portrayed, why they would even want to visit Earth to begin with, and some of the problems that might occur when a story establishes an advanced society and doesn’t always stick by it.

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