In Brightest Day: Bobby Singer

Let me open this post by saying this; I have not watched an episode of Supernatural for about a year or so. This is for a couple reasons. First, the Lucifer story was perfect and a great ending to the series. Sadly, they just kept going.

But I can deal with shows going hard after what I think should be the end happens. I’m not the show’s writers. The series could be fantastic right now. I wouldn’t know.

Because I really haven’t cared about the series since Bobby Singer got magic legs.

Bobby Singer

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In Brightest Day: When disabled really doesn’t mean disabled

I was surfing the internet today, as I usually do when I’m taking breaks from writing, and came across an archived forum on Comic Book Resources. In it, forum members were listing disabled characters in both the DC and Marvel universes. One post brought up Matt Murdock, otherwise known as Daredevil, mentioning that he fights crime despite being blind.

However, another poster questioned whether Daredevil’s blindness, along with several other characters’ disabilities, was actually disabilities.

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