Captain America: He Punched Out Hitler 200 Times

When I first heard about the movie, I admit I was worried. I wasn’t worried that the movie wouldn’t be good, though I was concerned about Chris Evans’s ability to play Steve Rogers. What I was really concerned about was the fact that Captain America was scheduled only a week after Harry Potter. What were they thinking? The last Harry Potter movie was the movie of the summer. A whole generation around the world waited to see Harry. What chance did our star-spangled veteran have against publicity like that?

I’m sorry, Cap! I lost faith. I never should have doubted you. After all, Captain American punched out Hitler 200 times… he could handle Harry Potter. Though Harry Potter still broke records, Captain America actually beat Harry Potter its opening week, which no one expected, but Cap’s always been good with impossible situations.

So how did Captain America beat the movie of the summer…? At least for that weekend anyway. By simply being a good movie.

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